February 06, 2018

Working with Millennials: Change the Way You Manage

Millennials are moving into the workforce rapidly, and today there are many people from this younger generation doing important work in all sorts of industries. If you are managing or working with millennials, this new generation may seem foreign to you. As the first generation fully raised in the Internet and digital age, millennials have a different way of looking at the world- and many employers just aren’t sure how to make the most of the talents of this new generation.

The good news is, millennials can be great workers who bring an innovative perspective to your staff. You just need to know how to work with them properly.  These tips can help:

Millennials are often motivated more by a purpose than by money
While everyone needs to earn a paycheck, attracting millennials and keeping them happy is not going to be done by offering a competitive salary alone. Millennials want to find meaning in their work, rather than just making a lot of money.  You want to keep your young staff motivated by giving them a purpose they can get behind and by making certain they feel as if they can make meaningful contributions.

Millennials favor collaboration with management
While the authoritarian, condescending and controlling boss was never popular, millennials are less likely than previous generations to put up with a boss that is a bully. Millennials want to feel their manager is their coach who can help with career development, rather than just an authority figure they answer to.

Millennials respond better to ongoing conversations than annual reviews
The annual review is another thing no one much liked before, but millennials are even less responsive to this once-a-year state of the union address. Instead, millennials thrive from continual constructive dialogue about how their productivity can be improved through collaboration.

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