February 13, 2018

Three Ways to Make Yourself Irreplaceable

Losing your job can be traumatic and financially damaging, so it’s something you want to avoid at all costs. While you cannot completely control whether or not your company decides to let you go – especially if there is an economic downturn – you can make yourself as termination-proof as possible by becoming an invaluable, indispensable employee.

To reduce the chances that you’ll be let go from your position, you’ll want to make yourself seem irreplaceable so your boss will definitely want to hang on to you. Some of the key ways to make yourself irreplaceable include:

  • Do all parts of your job well

If your boss can count on you to do every part of your job well – including the mundane, boring tasks that don’t get you a lot of notice – then your boss will feel comfortable to sit back and just let you get on with things. When your boss doesn’t have to micromanage or worry about you making mistakes, that makes his job easier. This, in turn, means your boss won’t want to lose you.

  • Be proactive

Your goal is to make your boss feel he can’t live without you. One of the best ways to do that is to make a contribution without your boss having to expend a lot of effort. Don’t wait for your boss to ask you to do something – if you see something that needs to be done, ask if you can take on the job.  Your boss will appreciate your initiative and your scope of responsibilities will increase, thereby making you more indispensable.

  • Take on new opportunities

When a new opportunity comes your way, don’t be afraid to step up – even if it is a little beyond your comfort zone. If your boss can count on you to assume responsibility and get done what needs to be completed, you’ll become his go-to person and he won’t want to let you go.

If you are involved in the job hunt already, Spectra 360 can help you to find a position where you’ll be a valuable team member the company won’t want to lose. Contact our staffing professionals today to find out how we can help you to land a job where you’ll be able to become irreplaceable.


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