January 30, 2018

Why Background Checks Are Essential for Class A Drivers

When you’re hiring Class A drivers, you must do your due diligence and conduct background checks. Background checks can reveal red flags that could point to a driver being unsafe, and can help you to make more informed hiring choices. However, you also need to understand the rules for conducting background checks so you don’t run afoul of either the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Conducting background checks within the bounds of the law is essential for many reasons including:

The ability to weed out drivers who have a history of DUI
Drunk driving is one of the single most dangerous things anyone can do behind the wheel. Prevention of DUIs is especially essential for Class A drivers because accidents involving trucks often tend to be more serious due to the vehicle’s larger size. The driver – and by extension, your company – could be presumed liable in a collision where the driver fails his toxicology test.

The ability to identify a driver’s criminal history
As a hiring manager, you can decide whether or not to hire someone with a criminal past. Look at the severity of the crime and the years that have gone by to make a decision that will benefit your company. Hiring a driver with criminal conduct in their past is justified as long as you can prove a clean record is clearly related to the job requirements. People make mistakes, but if this person could make the same mistake again, you don’t want them representing your company.

The ability to reduce the threat of litigation
Your company can be held vicariously liable for negligence or wrong-doing of on-duty drivers under agency rules. You could also be liable for negligence if you fail to follow best practices for hiring drivers. Conducting a background check lets you find out if a driver is prone to problems on-the-job that could lead to litigation against your company.

Spectra Staffing can help you to understand the rules for background checks and can assist you in weeding out unsuitable job candidates. Our professional staffing service can take care of finding qualified Class A drivers who may be a great fit for open trucking jobs you have open. Contact us today to learn more.


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