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Are you sick and tired of your website that doesn’t work? Did you start a website and realize you don’t have the time needed to complete it? Has your business taken off, and clients are unable to find you online? Our website-in-a-week solution is perfect for you!

What's included?

  • 5-page WordPress Website Built on the Divi Framework
  • Search Engine Optimized Copywriting
  • Responsive Design to work on any device
  • One Year of Hosting
  • One Year of Website Security & SSL
  • Offboarding Training so that you can update and manage the site.

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Everything you need to promote your business online.

to ideal clients

Your website will attract and engage your ideal client, with clear calls to action.

for all devices

No matter what size the screen, your website will be beautiful, effective, and functional. 


Your website will portray your expertise, your experience, and character.

Peter Hult

Abask Marketing was tasked with a complex communication project, focusing on illustrating both actual data as well as conceptual impact. Not only did they deliver a great package, but helped our team to better understand how to arrange this for future projects in-house.

Sarah Howland

Abask Marketing is a creative powerhouse that is continually impressing clients and peers alike. Their team has created several targeted marketing campaigns that have been instrumental in growing our business. 

Stephen Bennett

In the PR/marketing world, where the clock is always ticking and creativity counts, having a team like Abask on your side is a real plus. Exceptional wordsmiths who are easy to work with and truly respect deadlines, I’m always impressed with their ability to leverage disparate and sometimes pedestrian concepts into winning copy.

Sheree Lynch

Abask was given an unfamiliar and complicated subject matter to work with, and it was impressive how quickly she got to grips with it to the point of being able to put forward very useful and appropriate suggestions. She is able to explain her craft very well giving us great ideas together with some sound, simple advice.

What is the website-in-a-week process?

Step 1


Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we will establish whether your business is a good fit for the website-in-a-week solution. Once that’s established, we can discuss the goals of your site, and your target audience, and schedule your week.

Project Prep

Gathering the Details

Following our kick-off call, we will provide you with the package for completion. We will request all files and details from you. 

During this time, we will set up your hosting and security, and lay the groundwork for design and search engine optimization.

Step 2

Step 3

The Week

the fun part

Heads down and pencils in hand, we will start the design process, moving from page to page throughout the site. 

After design comes the copywriting team. Utilizing our SEO research, they will throw their sparkle magic to entice and engage your target audience.


day seven

And here comes the clean-up crew. For this stage, it’s all hands on deck. We will test all links and forms. Any tweaks that need to be made for mobile devices will be made.

Finally, a fresh set of eyes will read page by page before we bring you in to review. Keep in mind we will fix errors up to thirty days after final hand over. 

Step 4

Step 5

Final Stage

The hand over

Our recorded training session ensures that you will be able to make simple changes and build upon your website from now onwards. 

We will show you how to maintain your site, how to post blogs, how to change images or adjust text, and where to review incoming messages. 

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

For one 5-page website with search engine-optimized copywriting, responsive design (so that it works on any device and on any platform), one year of hosting, and one year of security, the cost is $2499.00. 

Ready to get started? Book your consultation here: CONSULTATION


Can I add more pages?

You can add pages once the website is complete, as part of a bespoke package. 

Do I need to have a current website?

No! You do not need a current site. 

Do I need to have a logo?

Yes! For this program, you will need a logo and brand colors and font. If you do not have these, we can help you to build your brand from the ground up, using our CMO on Demand package. Click here to find that package: CMO on Demand packages

What if we need more time?

During our consultation we will discuss the timeline and decide whether it is manageable. If it’s not manageable within the time frame, no problem! We will move to our bespoke website plan, where we can work on your timeline. 

Can we choose plugins?

Yes! Once the site is up and running, we will hand it over to you. You can add all the plugins you want at that point. That being said, there are plugins that slow down or even break your site. If you know of plugins that you might want, let’s talk about it during the hand over. 

Can I choose the pages on my site?

For this program, we provide 5 pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact. We also provide bonus pages that help your website visitors, such as a 404 page, and a search results page. 

If you have specific pages needed, you might be a better fit for our Bespoke Websites. There, we can add careers pages, portfolio pages, and even online stores. 

Would this work for an online store?

No, an online store is not a good fit for this program. But, we would love to help build the online shop of your dreams as part of our Bespoke Websites program. 

Do you offer training?

Yes! During our offboarding session, we will provide a recorded training.

Where is the site hosted?

We choose to host our sites on WP Engine. We find their services to be robust and easy to use. 

Could you fix my current site?

Probably! We can fix most WordPress sites as part of our CMO on Demand package. Book a consultation now and we can give you a better estimate of how long it would take. 

Book a Consultation

Where do images come from?

We ask that you provide the images. We recommend using Unsplash.com for free stock imagery or Envato for paid stock images. Otherwise, product images or images of your team are the best choices for the website.

If you aren’t able to provide images, no problem! We can choose images for you and resize them to fit as part of our Bespoke Website Packages.

the whole package

Which pages are included?

<strong>01</strong> Homepage
<strong>02</strong> About Page
<strong>03</strong> Services Page
<strong>04</strong> Blog Page
<strong>05</strong> Contact Page
<strong>Bonus Pages</strong>

Also included is a blog page for you to add blogs in future, a search results page, and a 404 page.

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