January 23, 2018

When it Comes to Company Culture, The Best Leaders Set the Bar

Developing a positive company culture is key to attracting the top talent your business needs to thrive. It is up to managers to set the tone for how a business will operate, and leaders need to set the bar high by showcasing the types of behaviors they want to see in other staff members. Managers need to lead by example and should focus on the following skills.

Developing a Spirit of Camaraderie
Managers need to make staff members feel like everyone is in it together. This means not taking credit for the ideas contributed by others, but instead recognizing the unique contributions that everyone makes to the organization. Celebrating everyone’s success can create a positive company culture as staff members are inspired to work together to create projects they can be proud of.

Blame-shifting can be toxic to a company culture because no one will take responsibility and everyone will be busy pointing fingers. Instead of trying to shift responsibility to someone else, managers should demonstrate that taking ownership of problems and taking responsibility for fixing mistakes is key to fostering a positive work environment.

Good leaders share with staff members why decisions are made. They set clear expectations and let employees know when they’re on the right path or veering off in the wrong direction. By encouraging open communication and leading by example, managers can create a culture where everyone feels free to contribute, ask questions and speak their mind.

Team members who feel they are trusted will work harder to make a valuable contribution and will feel confident their efforts will be respected. If managers show they have trust in staff members, workers will often rise to the occasion.

Managers also need to hire staff members who have the right attitude and who have the strong positive character traits necessary to help foster a positive company culture. To find committed, caring employees who will be a valuable member of your team and who will help you to build the culture that you hope to create, reach out to the staffing professionals at Spectra 360 today!


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