January 23, 2018

What You Need to Have On Your Material Handlers Resume

Material handlers fill a very important role in supply chain management. Working as a material handler means you’ll be facilitating the shipping, receiving, and delivery of materials and equipment and will also help companies with the vital role of inventory management.

Companies want to ensure that those who they hire as material handlers have the right skills and abilities to get the job done.  If you’re applying for jobs within this field, you’ll want your resume to reflect the abilities and the knowledge that are in demand by top employers. Your resume should emphasize the following items.

Past experience
If you have relevant experience doing inventories in a warehouse or supply yard; if you have been in charge of maintaining inventory records; or if you have past materials handling experience, make sure you provide these details on your resume. The more specific you can be about your past experiences in related positions, the easier it is to showcase your skills for a potential future employer. 

Physical abilities
Materials handlers often must move heavy objects weighing 50 pounds or more.  Standing and walking continuously is also essential in many positions. You should ensure your potential employer knows you have the strength and physical stamina necessary to do the job. 

Technical skills
Do you have basic math knowledge? Do you know how to use a computer to enter information and to update data? Have you used multi-line telephone systems and answered phones to provide information about inventory? Be sure to emphasize these hard skills on your resume as well. 

Ultimately, you should tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying for and should emphasize the skills that the particular employer has mentioned are sought in applicants. By updating your resume and modifying it to be appropriate to each job you apply for, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed by the hiring manager.

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