January 09, 2018

Your Actions Must Reveal These 3 Things at a Job Interview

In a job interview, you don’t need to just make a convincing case that you have the skills necessary to perform the job, you also need to convince the hiring manager that you’d be an overall great employee worth taking a chance on. When you’re preparing for an interview, focus on these three things your actions must reveal at a job interview:

  1. You Have Passion

Your resume shows that you have the background requirements for the job, so your interview is the time to show your enthusiasm for the job/industry. Hiring managers want to see that you have passion because it’s more likely you’ll be a motivated and engaged employee. So don’t hold back; make it clear that you want the job for which you’re interviewing.

  1. You’ll Fit With Company Culture

Every workplace has its own unique set of values that make up its company culture. It’s what separates a conservative workplace from a more casual one, or a cutthroat and competitive place versus one that encourages teamwork. A candidate who is highly skilled but doesn’t have the right personality to fit in within a company’s culture is unlikely to be successful if hired. Show your personality and be truthful with your answers so the hiring manager can picture working with you.

  1. You’re a Professional

First impressions are extremely influential in hiring decisions, and a less-than-professional impression is difficult to overcome – even if you have the qualifications and personality that would make you a top choice. Hiring managers want to see that you take the opportunity seriously because if you aren’t professional during the interview; it’s likely you’d lack professionalism in the workplace. Demonstrate that you’re a professional by being prepared: research the company, show up on time, have your resume on hand, be well groomed, and be courteous to everyone you encounter.

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