January 02, 2018

How Would You Answer This Job Interview Question: Why Shouldn’t I Hire You?

Preparing for tough interview questions is key to being successful in your job hunt, and one of the most difficult questions to answer may be: why shouldn’t I hire you? Providing a response to this query is tough when you’re trying to sell yourself, especially because you don’t want to give a trite and obviously phony answer about being “too much of a perfectionist” or any similar cliched answers.

The good news is, you can come up with some a great response that gives you a chance to shine – if you do some research in advance.  Here are a few key tips to make sure you can answer this tricky question in an appropriate way that enhances your chance to get hired.

  • Tailor your response to the company culture

Every company has a different culture, and there are some attributes that might be prized in certain organizations but not desired in others. For example, if the company culture has a strong focus on collaborative work and team members always come together on projects, your response to the company culture might be: “You shouldn’t hire me if you are looking for an employee who prefers to work independently and without a lot of collaboration. I thrive in a work environment where I have a strong team to share ideas with.”

By answering the question this way, you’ve taken the opportunity to show how great a fit you can be.

  • Be ready with some specific examples

 If you provide an answer that shows you’re a good fit with the company culture, you should be prepared to demonstrate with examples, as the employer may ask you a follow-up question related to the response you provided. If you indicated your best work environment is one where you have a team of skilled professionals to collaborate with, the employer may ask you to give a specific example of how you collaborated well on a team to achieve professional success in the past. You should be ready to give a clear, concise example that showcases your success working in a group environment.

  • Land Your Interview

 While preparing for tough interview questions is a key part of finding the job of your dreams, you have to actually get an interview first. Spectra 360 will work closely with you during your job search to ensure you have the opportunity to impress hiring managers at companies you would be excited to work for. To find out more about how we can help you to find work you’ll love, contact our team today!


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