July 20, 2018

How to Figure Out the Real Company Culture During Your Interview

Finding a company that is the right fit for you is key to being happy in your career. One of the factors that makes the biggest impact is the company culture. You need to work for a business that matches your personality and that rewards people who have your particular skills and work traits.  The best way to do that is to ensure that you pay careful attention during your interview to get a true idea of what the company culture is like at a particular organization.

To figure out what the real company culture is, four key things to do during your interview include:

  • Asking about the busiest time of the year

This question gives you insight into the cyclical nature of work, but it actually does much more. You can make a more honest assessment of what the work hours look like and can determine, based on the way that the answer is phrased, whether people at the company tend to work as a team or not. If the reply is that it’s always busy, you can expect a hectic and fast-paced environment.  If the answer shows people coming together – like, for example, a reply that the team tends to eat dinner together to brainstorm during the busy season – then you’ll know that the job is one where people pitch in to get things done. 

  • Find out how often the staff has meetings

While this question appears to be a simple query about the routine in the office, it gives you important insight into how colleagues communicate. If staff members only meet regularly with their supervisor and not with each other, then the company has a more top-down hierarchy and collaborative work is not common. 

  • Look around to see if there are family photos or mementos in the office

The way that an office is decorated gives you an indication of whether the workplace is more formal or is more casual and friendly. If there’s lots of pictures of kids and other personal touches, the office is more likely to be one where people ask about each other’s lives and where the focus isn’t strictly business all the time.  

  • Ask where to get lunch on the way out

Ask the receptionist for recommendations for where to eat locally as you leave the building. Their answer can shed insight into whether people at the office often go out together for lunch or whether everyone eats alone at their desk.

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