July 20, 2018

Congrats on Your CDL! Here are Your Next Steps

Earning your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is the first step on the path to an exciting career as a successful truck driver. Truck driving roles can be extremely lucrative with endless options. Now that you’ve got a CDL, learn how to make a name for yourself as a driver and get your first job with our expert advice!

  • Perfect Your Resume

Take a look at job listings for transportation companies to see the requirements and keep them in mind as you write your resume. Important points to include on a CDL resume: education (such as truck driving school), the date you received your CDL, and any relevant experience. Even if you’ve never driven professionally, there are other key qualifications necessary for drivers you can include, such as adhering to safety guidelines, dealing with multiple priorities, attention to detail, and time management.

  • Contact Your Network

Reach out to people who know to let them know you’re looking for a driving job and if they have any leads. This includes both personal and professional contacts, and any online industry groups you participate in. You never know who will have a referral or helpful advice for you.

  • Start Your Search Online

Make your job search as targeted as possible to reduce the risk of scams and prevent wasting time filtering through unrelated positions. Avoid general job sites and instead check out more specialized sources, such as industry association job boards or transportation company websites.

  • Practice For Your First Interview

Before any interview, research the company so you can tailor your answers and make conversation; prepare a few points that you want to convey about yourself. You don’t want to deliver rehearsed answers, but having an idea of what you want to communicate will help you be able to quickly think on your feet and prevent nerves from interfering with your responses.

  • Let a Staffing Firm Do the Work For You!

Gain some CDL experience to make yourself a more qualified driving candidate with temporary assignments through a staffing firm. Temporary assignments can also help you determine what particular trucking area you want to go into or provide you flexibility until you can find a permanent job.

Get started in your driving career with Spectra 360! You can build your experience while earning competitive wages with steady work. Check out our job openings and contact us today!


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