May 01, 2018

We’re Growing!

Have you heard the news? Spectra360 is expanding!

In February 2018, Spectra360 will be opening a new Professional Services Division, giving us the opportunity to serve our client companies and job candidates better. We are leveraging our 20+ years of industry experience to bring all of our customers more as we enter into this new professional marketplace, though we will continue to bring the same level of commitment and passion to our new endeavor as we have in every other area of the business.

Are you interested in learning more about how the new Professional Services Division can benefit you? Here are some of the highlights of what our skilled team will be offering.

Professional Placements

The Professional Services Division will be focused on placements in specific business areas including accounting and finance, human resources, call centers, logistics and supply chain management, sales and marketing, engineering, and technology. Since the efforts are focused, our team will be adept at making superior quality matches in the professional services arena, allowing candidates to be matched more quickly and companies to access top talent faster than ever.

Full-Service Strategic Employment Partner

Spectra360 understands that your needs go beyond basic applicant screening and recruitment, and we are prepared to act as a full-service strategic partner to help you navigate a variety of hiring challenges more effectively, ensuring you have access to the highly skilled candidates you need to manage the demands of today’s business environment.

Services Nationwide

When you choose Spectra360, you aren’t limited to a particular city or state. Our nationwide coverage ensures that, whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager, you can partner with skilled recruitment specialists and strategic employment partners to find or fill vacancies anywhere in the country.

From Entry-Level to Executive

Spectra360 is prepared to assist you with your job search needs no matter your level of experience or education. Whether you are seeking an entry-level position to start your career or are hoping to find an executive role in your professional field, Spectra360 is well-equipped to help you find your ideal job.

Companies also benefit from our full-scale placement services, as you can work with a single provider for all of your professional vacancies, ensuring you get the high-quality results you need for all of your hiring needs.

Whether you are a business looking for an efficient way to locate and secure some of today’s top talent or job seekers hoping to land a coveted position that can help you further your career with some of the greatest companies in the country, Spectra360’s new Professional Services Division will be there for you. Contact us today to see how our extensive knowledge and highly skilled staff can help you reach your goals.


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