July 24, 2018

The Strange Interview Question That Pinpoint Strengths And Weaknesses

At Spectra360, we have heard all manner of interview questions, from the standard: “What are your strengths and weaknesses” to the bizarre: “What’s your favorite board game and why?” Some of the country’s leading companies are well known for asking what may seem strange questions but don’t be fooled. Many of these questions have logical, psychological nuances that tell more about you than you might expect. Here is one unusual interview question that we would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is hiring:

Interview Question: “If I gave you $100, what would you do with it?”

This seems easy enough, but the answer will open up a window into the personality. There are two basic answers: spend or save, and the detail that goes along with either will tell you more about the employee than you might expect.


If the answer is “spend” you can be sure that this employee needs to continue working for the long term in order to continue spending. Again, the detailed answer to this interview question will tell you more about their personality. For example, “I would spend it on flowers for my mother.” might tell you that this employee is loyal and supportive. “I would use it for gas,” tells you that this employee is practical. Both answers connote that the employee needs a steady stream of income and could be motivated by working overtime or earning raises and bonuses. An employee that spends more frivolously, saying “I would go out for a nice dinner or I’d spend it partying with my friends” could be perceived as restless, and might be motivated by time off.


On the other hand, a job seeker that would save the money seems to be taking care of their finances and could be considered practical, careful, and not prone to taking risks. We tend to find these characteristics in people that are reliable employees, good at following directions and processes.

Now, obviously, each situation is different, and the answers you receive should only be considered in conjunction with all the other factors, such as qualifications and experience, but we find the answer to this question will often help solidify the thoughts of an interviewer.

So, what’s the right answer?

There isn’t one. The best answer depends entirely on the job. If you are looking for someone that would hold reliability over risk-taking, you might want to look closer at the saving interviewee. If you need a sales person, then perhaps risk and social skills would rank higher. And if you’re not entirely sure what characteristics you need, call our team for help! We can find you the right candidate to fit your needs and your company culture quickly and without hassle, saving you precious time, money, and concern. Call us today:  888.290.5908


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