March 20, 2018

The 10 Most Common Disabling Workplace Injuries and How Much They’ll Cost Your Business

Each year, many workers suffer on-the-job injuries which can lead to missed work and lost productivity. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are common across all fields, although certain industries are more dangerous than others. Work injuries can be very expensive to your company, both because the injured employee could make a workers’ compensation claim and because operations could be affected when workers are hurt or killed on-the-job.

It is imperative that your company understand the most common cause of workplace injuries, as well as how much these different injuries cost organizations. Ten of the most common disabling work injuries, and the costs of those injuries, include:

  • Falls on the same level, like slips or trips, which cost $10.62 billion
  • Falls to a lower level, such as falling down from a higher elevation, which cost $5.5 billion
  • Being hit by object or hit by equipment, which costs $4.43 billion
  • Bodily reactions or other exertions, such as straining too far and twisting the back, which cost $3.89 billion
  • Roadway incidents that involve motorized land vehicles, such as involvement in a workplace car accident or being hit by a work vehicle, which cost $3.7 billion.
  • Slipping or tripping without falling, such as slipping and twisting the back without falling, which costs $2.3 billion.
  • Workers becoming caught in equipment or compressed by equipment or objects, such as a worker getting caught inside of a machine. Injuries from this cause cost $1.95 billion.
  • Being struck against objects or equipment, such as if a worker is hit by the shining arm of a crane. Costs total $1.95 billion.
  • Injuries from micro-tasks or other repetitive motions, such as carpal tunnel, which costs $1.81 billion.

Altogether, these 10 causes of injury account for $83.4% of all costs associated with on-the-job injuries. You want to do everything possible to prevent these and other on-the-job injuries. Part of creating a safe worksite is to hire staff members who have a strong respect for safety. Spectra 360 can help you to find qualified workers who put safety first.


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