May 22, 2018

How Much Should Potential Factor Into Your Hiring Strategy?

When you’re expanding your staff, your first instinct may be to look for a candidate who is experienced and who has every qualification that you feel would be an ideal skill for someone in the open position. Unfortunately, by restricting your search only to proven candidates with a long track record in the industry, you could be missing out on hiring bright young talent with lots of potential.

Many new entrants to an industry have lots to offer, including creative new ideas and the ability to think outside the box. However, to benefit from what the emerging leaders of tomorrow have to offer, you need to make potential a factor into what you look for when you hire candidates.

There are a few key reasons why you should sometimes consider a candidate’s potential as perhaps even more important than a candidate’s current skills:

  • You can hire talented young workers before competitors do

If you hire talented young people based on their potential before they’ve fully proven themselves, you may get a major competitive advantage. These young staff members can shake up your organization and bring their innovative ideas to you instead of to your competitors. They’re also more likely to stick around once they’ve become proven talents because you’ve given them an early chance.

  • You can get talent at a lower price

Hiring established, experienced industry leaders is often very expensive because there is a lot of demand for these workers. If you hire young people with a lot of potential but who haven’t yet become in-demand candidates, you can keep salary costs down while getting staff members with unparalleled skills.

  • You can invest in innovation

Many industry leaders have been in the business for a long time. While they may have immense talent, they may also come to your organization with preconceived ideas of how things should work. If you hire people without a lot of experience but with a lot of talent, you can build a team who is prepared to look at things in new and exciting ways.

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