February 27, 2018

How to Get More Experience Now That You Have Your CDL License

Once you’ve earned your commercial driver’s license (CDL), you want to land a job driving a truck — but the problem is, a lot of jobs require you to have driving experience already.  This catch 22 can make it hard to break into the business, but there are options for gaining experience and landing a top position. Below, we list some of the key ways to gain real-world driving experience necessary to get your ideal trucking job.

  • Network

Get business cards made with your information and hand them out to friends, family and everyone you meet who may have interest in hiring trucking professionals. You should also strongly consider creating a resume and making multiple copies so you can provide information on your background to anyone who you come in contact with who may have a job lead for you.

  • Tap into the power of the Internet

Many trucking companies allow drivers to submit online applications. You can submit numerous applications quickly to potentially find a company who is willing to bring you on, even if you have limited experience. You’ll need to provide information about your location, driving record, and other key qualifications during the screening process so you can maximize the chances of being hired.

  • Research trucking companies

You can visit a truck stop and obtain trucking magazines which have company directories. Many trucking companies don’t advertise online, but do post ads in these magazines. The companies that don’t allow online applications may get a smaller number of resumes and since fewer people are contacting them, they may be more likely to see your skills and reach out to you.

  • Work with a recruiter

Recruiting professionals know which trucking companies will hire drivers at varying levels of experience. A staffing service specializing in the trucking industry can help you to get your foot in the door because the staffing professionals will have relationships with hiring managers. You’ll have a better chance of landing an interview if you come in with a recruiter already supporting you.

Spectra 360 helps commercial drivers to find trucking jobs in all different industries. If you are ready to put your commercial license to use and you want assistance from staffing professionals who will help you to land a great job and build an impressive resume, contact our experts today!


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