June 19, 2018

How to Follow Up with a Recruiter

The most common thing we hear from job seekers is “How do I follow up with a recruiter after I submit my resume online?” Well, guess what we’re going to talk about today? That’s right! Our recruiters are on hand to answer that question for you.

Scenario One: You uploaded your resume without applying for a job

If you couldn’t find your ideal job on our job board, you probably uploaded your resume to our database and now you’re wondering if you made the best choice or if it was dropped into the abyss. When your resume is uploaded, it gets automagically (yes, I made that up) “read” by our systems for keywords, like certifications, locations, and certain job titles. Next time a job opens up, a resume search will pull up all candidates that fit the job description. Now, if you’ve ever tried using the voice command on your phone, you know this is a pretty good system, but not perfect. So…

If you’ve uploaded your resume without applying to a job, start with frequent checks of our job board. We have new jobs posted daily and you’re more likely to get a call back if you can tailor your resume for a particular job. Recruiters call job seekers all day, so whether you apply for a job or upload to the database, you will be called. Read the next option for following up after a call.

Scenario Two: You applied for a job and spoke to a recruiter

Congratulations! You have proven that you are a good fit for this recruiting team. That being said, this job may not be the perfect job for you. Recruiters are like matchmakers between the hiring company and the job seeker. They have the tough job of making both parties happy in their new position, so they interview people all day to narrow down the search for the best candidate for the hiring company.

When you are speaking with the recruiter, be sure to get his/ her full name and email address. Ask them how you should follow up and follow their suggestion. If you still don’t hear back, we recommend emailing to follow up. Our email template (attached) can be downloaded to make this super quick and easy for you.

Whether you hear back quickly or not, don’t stop looking at the job board. After all, an ideal scenario would be one in which you get to choose from several job offers, right?

Scenario Three: You worked with a recruiter but now the job is ending

Good recruiters will stay in touch with good job candidates. If for some reason, your recruiter hasn’t followed up with you for a while – perhaps your project was a long-term project that’s now ending – make sure to reach out with your updated resume. Let your recruiter know what you are looking for now and when your project will end (the sooner you can get in touch before your project ends the better, but make sure to stay in touch as the end date approaches). Be specific about what you liked and disliked about your previous position so that your recruiter knows what kind of team you’d like to work for next time.

A good recruiter, like our Spectra360 recruiters, build relationships that last – with job seekers, other recruiters, and hiring managers – and these relationships can be the key to a successful job search. If you have a question for our recruiters, let us know and we will write a blog to answer your question.


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